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Cait Brennan is a rock and roll singer and songwriter.

Debutante is her first album.

Debutante is sugar-crash harmonies, hooks to die for, clever-clever lyrics, thundering drums and all the glitter-glam guitar and piano madness the traffic will allow.



Debutante personnel

Vocals/  Cait Brennan

Production / Fernando Perdomo and Cait Brennan

All songs by Cait Brennan (ASCAP)

Guitars / Fernando Perdomo and Cait Brennan
Piano / Cait Brennan

Keyboards / Hammond B3/ Toy Piano / Cait Brennan and Fernando Perdomo
Bass / Fernando Perdomo and Cait Brennan
Drums / Fernando Perdomo

To be played at maximum volume

(Playing at folksinger levels may damage your equipment)

"The Beatles, Bowie, Nick Drake, the Jam, Bert Jansch, Costello, Pulp, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, The Divine Comedy, Mary Epworth, Pugwash, the Undertones--Ireland and the UK sent this stuff out into space like the Voyager probe. I heard the message. This is my answer." --CB


For Harry Edward Nilsson III




DEBUTANTE Tour 2015-2016

North America - United Kingdom - Ireland - Europe


The Debutante tour officially kicks off in North Hollywood, California in January with the LA album release show, DVD filming/live album recording, and a global live webcast. Dates and ticket information will be forthcoming. "Unofficial" pre-release tour dates are already underway in the USA.

Cait will be touring the United Kingdom, Europe and nearby environs in the spring of 2016. Summer USA dates to follow.

Cait is backed at selected Debutante tour shows by The LaFollette Sisters.


News & Updates



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by Cait Brennan

Selections from Cait's forthcoming album Debutante, as well as non-lp demos and a few secret surprises just for your ears.